Falling for Fall fashion

I’m shopping online and putting a bunch of randomness in my cart. I finish up browsing and look at my total… $168! I end up deleting some items and next thing I know my total is $16 and I’m only getting two pairs of sunglasses from H&M. 😐 Of course I wish I could have bought it all but ya know- shopping on a budget here…. anyone else have this problem? 😆 OH also September 10-17 is NEW YORK FASHION WEEK. Then for the next month until October 2, other countries will be having their fashion week for top designers to showcase their 2016 Spring/Summer Collection. Pretty crazy to think because fall officially begins September 23 and we are already talking about next spring!! If you’re interested in checking out the schedule for ‘fashion month’ click HERE!

Anyways, last week I just started classes and they seem pretty easy. I’m taking fundamentals of construction that’s basically just a sewing class which I’m super excited for. I’m also taking principles of sales and retailing fundamentals which are part of my business minor. Then, I finally have fashion & furnish industries. I might take a humanities class but still trying to figure things out with that…. but recently in Ohio it’s been pretty hot… like high 80’s hot… and not all of my classes are air conditioned… Part of me is loving that I can still get a last minute tan, but working in a clothing store and seeing all our new fall items makes me wish it would just be a bit cooler so I can wear jeans, sweaters, and booties! The colors, fabrics, and styles are what I’m loving about this season.

On Pantone.com they had a list of the top men and women’s colors for the 2015 fall fashion season.

Color names left to right: Dried Herb, Dessert Sage, Stormy Weather, Oak Buff, Marsala, Biscay Bay, Reflecting Pond, Cadmium Orange, Cashmere Rose, and Amethyst Orchid. Image from Pantone.com

In our store I’ve noticed a lot of earthy tones like taupe, brown, many shades of olive, and different tones of a mustard looking color that Pantone calls Oak Buff. There are also a couple bright colors added to the pallet like Biscay Bay, Cadmium Orange, Cashmere Rose, and Amethyst Orchid. You can easily pair these together for an energetic look or you can use them as a pop of color to an outfit.

Here’s some examples from the Balmain Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Collection from Fashionisers.com. Obviously us ‘average‘ people won’t be wearing Balmain this fall (but who knows maybe some of you will). High fashion is still confusing to me but I guess if you’re famous the most glamorous, outrageous,or most revealing outfit gets talked about. Anyways, here’s how they showcased these colors with the current 60’s-70’s trend.

Screenshot 2015-09-02 at 12.07.03 PM Screenshot 2015-09-02 at 12.07.24 PM

BUUUUUT for us normal people I’ve been seeing similar colors and trends in stores like JC Penny, Forever 21, Macy’s, Rue 21, and, of course, Charlotte Russe. Me personally, I’m not really a fan of the 60’s-70’s trend because the style of the clothes are just not flattering on me. I guess it depends on how you wear and pair it with items to make it work but it’s really not for me. I tried a dress that this girl looked fabulous in and I ended up looking like a pilgrim…. NOT cute or flattering. So the clothes may not workout but I do love the colors. My favorites are Marsala, Cashmere Rose, and Oak Buff.

TOMORROW I’m going to try (because life gets in the way) to post a lookbook to show some fall trends and styles. 🙂 In the meantime,  here is this recent clutch I purchased from Charlotte Russe in a lighter shade of Cashmere Rose (retail value $12.99). They also had a skirt and hat in a similar color but the skirt fit weird and the hat was cowboy shaped… probably not intentionally but that’s how it looked.

FullSizeRender   FullSizeRender_1IMG_5834

WHAT I LOVE: Okay so I LOVE the color and the pockets!! I know the opened picture is a little blurry but on the left side there are multiple credit card pockets and on the right the zipper is a change pocket. For a clutch it’s a perfect size and when you open it there is so much room! It’s something you can easily pair with multiple outfits and I’m just totally obsessed! What’s even better is that Charlotte Russe also sells it in multiple colors! I couldn’t find this exact one online but I did find a few similar styles.

I found one here that is light pink, it doesn’t have as many pockets but it also comes with a chain so it can be worn as a cross-body. That clutch also comes in different colors as well.

This fossil clutch has a zipper but is pretty similar and super adorable! It also comes in a wide variety of colors as well.

Thanks for checking out this weeks post and stay tuned for my upcoming fall 2015 lookbook! 😀

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