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Welcome back! Super excited for my first actual fashion post, but first thought I’d let you guys know what happened this past week.

Okay so my first story is defiantly something I want to share with you guys. I was serving at Bob Evans -I’m also a lifeguard and sales associate at Charlotte Russe -on Wednesday night and I had three guests in a long meeting and they sat in the back of my section. Once they were done one man left and it was just the husband and wife. I took their order (they chose a 3 course meal) and came back with their soup and salad. The table right next to them was a five top (which just means how many people are sitting at a table)  and ended up being a girl who I went to high school with, her boyfriend and son, along with one of her friends, and her child. The girl had got pregnant and had her son when we were in school and she was really mature about the whole situation when it had happened. She wasn’t someone you would have expected to get pregnant but you know things happen. Anyways the kids were being a little loud but it wasn’t that bad and when they did something wrong they scolded the boys. (so relieving because it’s rather annoying when parents don’t control their kids and they start throwing whatever they can get their hands on) But anyway, back to the earlier couple…  their food was taking an unusually long time to come out. The husband’s food was done, but the wife’s fried chicken was still cooking. I constantly apologized for the wait and asked them if I could grab anything else like more salad or bread. They declined and said, “You waited on us to order for a long time the least we can do it wait for you.” That really meant a lot to me because even though I haven’t worked as a server that long, I’ve already learned that people can be really mean. About 10 minutes later her chicken was about to come out but she came up to me and asked if they could just get it to-go. I felt really really bad, apologized again and asked her if she wanted anything extra and again she nicely declined. I gave her the check which was about $35 and I started to put all her stuff in a carry-out bag (I also threw in some extra bread and cole slaw because they were so nice). When I handed her the bag she asked if she could pay for the table next to her. I was shocked but said of course and handed her their check which was about $55. I started grabbing my five top’s food and then the woman grabbed my attention again and asked me to give this note to the table…. it read :

it reads: you have a very happy family. Enjoy your beautiful boys! God loves you so much!!! Please do something kind for someone else. Your bill is paid in full- just take care of your server.

I gave it to the table and their reaction was so beautiful. Everyone’s eyes started to water and my friend’s boyfriend went up to the husband and wife and thanked them for their generosity. I almost cried too because it just seems like you always read about this stuff on the internet and when you see it actually happen it’s so wonderful to know there are still outstanding and kind people in the world. 🙂 Their actions definitely inspired me to do something kind for someone else.

Sorry for the long opener, but it was just something I had to share. I’ve had some experiences when people have done really generous things for me along the lines of this. Have you ever had an experience similar or where a stranger or friend has done something like this? If so, I’d love to hear about it! Let me know in the comment section below!

Okay now onto the actual topic of this article… SOOOO I was inspired by one of my friends, Rachelle, when she wore some cute patterned joggers from target with a fringed cardigan, a plain tank top and sandals. I googled women’s joggers and some websites showed up but the ones I liked the most were from wetseal.com. A lot of their stores went out of business but they are still open online and have some GREAT deals.

IMG_3719 IMG_3737

IMG_3734 IMG_3736

IMG_3677 IMG_3711


What I love about this: I love how comfortable and effortless this look was- AND AFFORDABLE!! I’m a broke college kid so I’m obviously looking for cheap things. I’ll splurge every now and then on a pricey item but not often. “Okay well, where did you get these cheap clothes and how much?”


NECKLACE & PONCHO – Charlotte Russe ($6 and $26.99)

SANDALS & JOGGERS – Wet Seal ($8 and $26.90)

Yes I do get an employee discount for working at Charlotte but I wrote the full cost for each item. All of these items are pretty versatile, I’d say the joggers are the least but I’m sooo obsessed with them. So obsessed that I went back to Wet Seal and bought three more pairs!!! at an extremely affordable price!! 2 pairs were $5 and another was 50% off so only $12.50!!! Including shipping the total was only $31.43. All the joggers I bought have kind of an Aztec pattern to them. A lot of websites are selling plain colored or sporty joggers but I like patterned ones better.

COMFORT & QUALITY: Starting from top to bottom…. I liked how comfortable the poncho was. The only downside I would say is that because of the loops/holes it can easily get caught on something. Due to the loops, I’d suggest wearing a tank top underneath but if you want to show off your bra- do you. I usually wear a medium or large in tops but a small was fine. The joggers are slightly thin but they’re manageable and there also is a string around the waist so you can tighten them. I purchased them in a medium which was fine but I got another pair in a large and it was fine as well. (I usually wear size 4-7 jeans depending on the store) Finally, I wear size 8 1/2-9 in shoes and these ones are 9’s which I thought were slightly tight, but they were tolerable. I wore them at work for an eight hour shift and my feet didn’t hurt 🙂

LOOK A-LIKES: I added some links of where you can find similar items 🙂

PONCHO: herehere, here, or here

NECKLACE: here or here

JOGGERS: actual ones hereherehere, or here

SANDALS: herehere, or here

Can’t wait to hear some stories from you guys! Thanks for reading!! Please subscribe below! Looking forward to next week’s post- going back to college on Monday!!

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  1. Soooooooooo cute, need better pictures I’ll be your photographer 🙂 love you keep up the good work! You inspire meeeeeeeeee!

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