bangin’ booties

First things first, I did not get the modeling spot for FAPU. I did show up to the meeting last Tuesday, because I still wanted to be a part of the organization, but I soon realized that this group is not for me… For example, they’re hosting an event called Twerk Out‘ where you pay $5 and they’re bringing in ‘a dancer’ to teach you how to twerk….. 😐 like really, this group is called FAPU -the acronym meaning Fashion and Professionals United… twerking doesn’t really sound professional to me. We also talked about homecoming because our organization is involved in helping. This year’s theme is “Red Carpet” and we wanted a backdrop for photos so we were discussing how it should look. A lot of people wanted it to say “Straight Outta Akron“… 😐 how does that even fit the theme of red carpet?! Anyways, once I decided that this group wasn’t for me, which took about an hour, I left the meeting. The models were practicing next door and, while walking pass the classroom, the song they were walking to was Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen’. Models walking to explicit rap music… completely professional. I sympathize for this group because the president mentioned how people don’t see Akron as a fashion school and she wants to change that starting with this show and I honestly just don’t see it happening. Actually, the compete opposite to be exact. It’s, as my fashion friend from Kent put it, “RATCHET“. Plus, I’ve seen Kent’s shows and they’re beautiful. I’ve only gone to two but it’s easy to tell the difference in style and conduct. Contemporary or techno music, modern and fashionable pieces, basically what you would expect from a fashion show, you’ll get that at Kent. I love the University of Akron, don’t get me wrong, I just wish we were a more serious fashion school. (You can check out pictures on the group’s Instagram page @UAFAPU) There’s a few other reasons why I realized this group wasn’t for me but I’ve already babbled a lot. I was thinking of starting an alternative organization but I’m not sure because I’m pretty busy. Who knows, I guess we will have to see!

Other than that, I wanted to share my discovery of this amazing restaurant in Cuyahoga Falls called Burntwood Tavern. My friend Rachelle brought be there during happy hour – which is the only time I’ll ever go. They had half price appetizers and flat breads along with drink deals that I didn’t pay attention to because I’m not old enough to drink- just a few more months!! 😀 Everything that came out to the tables looked delicious and beautiful, I wanted to try everything! Anyways, I had ordered shrimp tacos for my app, the California chicken sandwich with roasted veggies on the side for my entree, and crème brûlée for dessert. Let me tell you, these shrimp tacos tasted amazing and their presentation was even better!! They came out on a long black slate with four tacos and a few chips with guacamole. I brought the sandwich home because I was super stuffed and wanted dessert but it was still great a day later. 😀 So about that dessert…. it was so beautiful! I’ve never had crème brûlée before and it blew my expectations.  My overall bill was about $20 (not including tip) which is pretty good for the quality of the food. I can easily say this is my new favorite restaurant and am defiantly going to try to go at least once a week. I know they have other locations- which you should check out- and you can browse their website at or here.

here's the creme brulee, I was too hungry to take pictures of the other food lol
here’s the crème brûlée, I was too hungry to take pictures of the other food lol


I decided that since it’s almost fall and most of use aren’t going to be wearing flip flops and sandals …. I’d talk all about booties 🙂 Here are four pairs, and if you check out my previous blog here you can find links to more black booties. So, keeping this short and simple… all the booties are from Charlotte Russe (shocker). We’ve had great deals recently where booties are only $20! Keep in mind that these sales are temporary, but either way we usually have some type of deal going on with our shoes.

Without further adieu……. 😉  IMG_4140 IMG_4143









IMG_4132 IMG_4118 IMG_4125 IMG_4128 IMG_4130






FLAT BROWN BOOTIES: actual here, similar here or here

LUG BLACK BOOTIES: actual here, similar here and here

OAK BUFF BOOTIES: actual here, similar here and here

BROWN HEELED BOOTIES: similar here, or same ones in dark brown here

Which shoes are your favorite? Let me know in the comments 😀

Look book is still on the way!! I promise it will be here soon, until next time! 😉

Smiling is good for the heart, laughing is good for the soul, and loving will keep you living, laughing and smiling.’ –Unknown

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