sweater weather

It’s almost October so Halloween is right around the corner! Biggest thing on my mind right now? – what my dog will be for Halloween!! Kevin and I stopped at Pet’s Supply Plus the other day to get a new filter for the turtle and there were tons of dog costumes. Of course, since I had Dolce, I started dressing her in everything- a pumpkin, lion, sweaters, dresses, a bumblebee, and werewolf.Some of them had hoods and her head is pretty tiny so those didn’t work out. Dolce is a pomeranian and her fur is orange/tan so the pumpkin looked weird and she’s super fluffy which makes some of the smalls too tight and a medium too large. Anyway, I left without a costume and now I really don’t know what I should dress her in… I’d love some help in figuring out what Dolce should be for Halloween so PLEASE VOTE BELOW 😀 The category that gets the most votes will be posted next week along with pictures so you guys can actually vote on what she will wear! You can check out Dolce’s instagram @dolcethedoggie.

Onto some other things… I had the iPhone 5 that my boyfriend got for me in June and it was acting weird the past couple of days when charging. The percentage would freeze so I had no idea what it was at but at least it was still charging. Then, on Friday, it just stopped charging all together and died… I looked some stuff up on Google and I think it stopped working because all my chargers were from 5 Below and it said cheap chargers can have an effect. So, I took it to the Apple store and of course there was no way to fix it and I had to get a new phone. Sunday I finally made it to the AT&T store and I was actually due for an upgrade so I got the iPhone 6s- and they conned me into getting an iPad 2 mini- but hey it was only $50 because we changed my plan so I got a special offer and figured why not. I’ve never been up to date with Apple products so I feel pretty tech-savy right now. 😆 Before I got the 5 in June I had the 4 and people always made jokes about it but it was working so, ya know, why get a new one? Anyways, I have to share the case I got! I’m really not that into cases- usually as long as it’s pink I’m fine- but I just fell in love with this one!! I got it at the store and it’s retail price was $50 but I got a 25% discount on it because of getting the phone so I saved $10. It’s real 24k gold and you can purchase the case online here. 


OTHER NOTE…. Remember how I talked about Burntwood Tavern last week and said I was going to try to go once a week? Well I found time to go with my two teammates Becky and Mackenzie and they LOVED it!! We made it just in time for happy hour and I ordered the tuna nachos, chicken avocado flat-bread, and a brownie with raspberry ice cream for dessert. The tuna nachos were good and I didn’t even taste or see the tuna to be honest lol 😆 Other than that, the flat-bread was delicious! I couldn’t eat it all but I wish I did because I tried to heat it up in the microwave the next day and it turned to mush… not tasty. The brownie was also extremely delicious and I ate it in about two bites, partly because it was tiny but mainly because it was so good. 😛

tuna nachos
up front: Mackenzie's spicy Italian flat-bread and my chicken avocado
up front: Mackenzie’s spicy Italian flat-bread and my chicken avocado

FullSizeRender (2)

creme brulee and the brownie with raspberry ice cream
creme brulee and the brownie with raspberry ice cream


Since it’s officially fall and we’re a few days away from October, I thought I’d pull out a sweater to wear. 🙂 I’m absolutely IN LOVE with this look. To be honest, it wasn’t even what I had originally planned on wearing and I put it together last minute, so I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. 🙂 Anyways, this sweater from Macy’s is a closet staple and it’s such a great color and it comes in others as well! Yes, it’s a bit more on the expensive side for a sweater but let me tell you, if you properly care for it, this sweater will last. I brought Dolce with me too as she makes for a great accessory 😛 By the way, I also made a Twitter account for my blog so check it out @nicolesdreamcloset. I hope you guys enjoy!! 😀

IMG_4264IMG_4334IMG_4270 (1)IMG_4385 (1)IMG_4291IMG_4298IMG_4300IMG_4274IMG_4305 (1)IMG_4446IMG_4456IMG_4430

SWEATER: Macy’s $69.50.

HATCharlotte Russe $10.

JEANS: Charlotte Russe $29.99 BOGO $12.50

NECKLACE: Charlotte Russe $12.99

BOOTIES: Charlotte Russe on sale for $25.

WATCH: Larsson & Jennings $360 similar Marc Jacobs $109

“Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.” –Elizabeth Lawrence 

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