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I was super busy the last two weeks and so much has happened, but I’m back and can’t wait to share stories and outfits with you! 😉

To start off here’s an embarrassing, stupid annoying story…. about a leather jacket.

About a month ago I decided that I needed to get a leather jacket. I’m going out more on weekends, it’s starting to get cold, and it’s a staple to any wardrobe so I should probably get one now. I never really thought I could rock a leather jacket but I checked out a few out at Charlotte Russe and, to my surprise, I looked pretty bad ass. I didn’t really like the jackets there so I figured I’d look at a few other places. I ended up in Express a couple days later with Kevin and on a rack there it was…. the most perfect leather jacket. ❤ I tried it on and it fit perfectly, looked great, and wasn’t too excessive. I realized I HAD to have this jacket. I looked at the price tag…. $98. 😯 Since I’m balling on a budget, I realized I could not afford that right now. Leaving disappointed, I looked at other stores and saw a couple but Kevin said the Express one looked the best and when your boyfriend tells you that, you feel like you have to get it. I mean I felt this jacket was extra special because when I usually ask Kevin about clothes he doesn’t pay much attention and says that he likes everything. I decided that I was going to wait for Black Friday to get the jacket on sale because I think last year the entire store was 50% off. A couple weekends pass by of me just wishing I had this jacket. Then on Friday I got a text from Express saying all outerwear is 40% off. 😮 I looked online and BAM there the jacket was, 40% off as promised, and just waiting for me to put it into my cart. On the website it said that Summit Mall had the jacket available and I needed to turn my application into Versona there so after practice my teammate and I left for the mall.

I turned in my application got an interview- which I had to reschedule because Vaulter Magazine came to the university to write an article (I eventually had it and it went awesome)- but we then made our way to Express. Once inside, I realized that the store layout changed and the leather jackets were spread out. I asked an associate for help and she showed me the black leather jackets they had but I didn’t see the one I was looking for. 😥 I found the exact jacket but it had this weird fabric on the side. I told her that it looked exactly like this minus the fabric so she showed me a different one. This one looked similar but was $118 -I thought it was weird because it was hard marked, which means they put a sticker of the price on it. (Charlotte usually does this with markdowns.) Anyway, I left jacket-less and went to Chapel Hill Mall to pick up my Charlotte Russe paycheck and figured I’d stop at Express there. I walked in and immediately saw a black leather jacket, called (Minus the Leather) Jacket…. which was the name of the jacket I wanted…. It was hard marked $118. I came to the conclusion that this was the jacket I wanted but the company marked up the price because it was on sale. An associate walked up, asked me if I needed anything and I told her that this was the jacket I wanted to get but it’s marked up. I explained how online it’s still $98 (40% off – $58.80) so I would just order it online. She told me they could order it for me and get it shipped to my house. When I went to the register, I explained the situation to the girl and she pulled up the (Minus the Leather) Jacket. She told me she was pretty sure they had it in store and I told her that they did but it was more expensive. She then told me that they could mark it down in store and I was soooo excited! I left with my jacket and a huge smile on my face. 😀

Later that night Kevin came over and I unveiled my new leather jacket. I put it on feeling so bad ass and looked in the mirror. Something didn’t seem right…. the zipper was offset, the collar didn’t have a button, and the shoulders were quilted….. shit….. that’s when I realized…. this isn’t the jacket. I looked back online and my conclusion was right- wasn’t the jacket. GREAT! I made a big deal about getting this jacket for a lower price and it wasn’t even the correct one. I ended up ordering it online at home because I was embarrassed to go back to the store. It ended up being a good thing though because they were having $25 off $100 so I ended up buying a black and maroon jacket for the full price of one! 😉

BUT THEN…. the jackets finally arrived a week ago and I was beyond excited. I tore through the box and plastic wrapping like it was Christmas. Once I took the jackets out I saw this weird fabric on the side…. oh great… I clicked the wrong jacket.. but when I looked online I actually had choose the correct one but I was too dimwitted to notice that there was fabric on the side. 😳 Either way I love the jackets, I wore the maroon one out the day I got it and got so many compliments which made me even happier about my purchase. :p

Anyways there it is… my story about a leather jacket (now jackets) 😉

link to the Double Peplum (Minus the Leather) Jacket on Express.com also pics below…

Another random story…

So I saw this picture on Facebook from this sewing group I’m in…. 12108294_10204930245909220_6795016734416245739_n (1)

AND I’M TOTALLY OBSESSED!!! ❤ ❤ As a sewer and fashion major this NEEDS to be my Christmas tree. Anyways, in one of my business classes the topic of Christmas came up and after class I showed my professor (Kevin Feldt) this and told him how I wanted to recreate it. He was super pumped saying that there could be a market for these and that I could sell them at a good price. So, conversation keeps going and he says, “I think I have the top part to that.” …… what…. “Yea, I should have the top to that, do you want it?”….. UH YESSSSSSS ❤ …. so he goes to the back of the class and BAM comes back with the top part!!! ALMOST THE EXACT SAME!!! It was such a nice gesture, he really is the best. I’m determined to recreate this so now I just need to invest in a stand and the supplies! I will defiantly keep you guys posted on how it turns out! 😀

it was a close call but




You guys voted and now Dolce is going to be a loofa for Halloween! I ordered her costume so check back next week for some pictures!

Since I missed a post  the last two weekt, I added three outfits for this week. 😀 I went to Szalay’s two weeks ago and went through a corn maze with Kevin and Dolce. I got my inspiration for this outfit from Pinterest and realized that I had a lot of these things in my closet from last year.

picture from http://sevenlayercharlotte.com/2014/09/16/fall-fashion-the-baseball-tee/
picture from http://sevenlayercharlotte.com/2014/09/16/fall-fashion-the-baseball-tee/

IMG_4804 IMG_4848 IMG_4811

SHIRT: from PINK but similar on Amazon or not green but similar style here ($5- $10)

SCARF: Charlotte Russe but similar on Etsy ($16.95)

PANTS: Charlotte Russe boyfriend jeans similar here ($25)

BOOTS: Charlotte Russe similar here ($42.99 BOGO $10)

WATCH: Sears ($118.82)

12191983_971847516189622_1445910604600428119_n 12183973_971848756189498_7142742863786840640_o







SCARF: Charlotte Russe similar here ($5) 

DRESS: Charlotte Russe but similar here and here or same style but black here ($26.99)

I love this dress so much I just bought it in black (here) and I have a similar style in maroon and black. They’re both from Charlotte Russe

LEG WARMERS: Charlotte Russe but similar on DahliaJewels.com ($14)

BOOTS: same shoe but black on Charlotte Russe ($52.99 BOGO $10)

These boots were super comfy! They were like knee high slippers 😀

WATCHSears ($118.82)







LOVE this look 😉

DRESS: Charlotte Russe but similar on LoveCulture.com ($26.36)

JACKET: Express (on sale $68.60)

YES this is THE jacket 😛

BOOTIES: any pair of black booties will work mine are Charlotte Russe ($35.99 BOGO $10)

CLUTCH/CROSSBODY: Charlotte Russe but similar on LordandTaylor.com ($98) or cheaper Ebags.com ($38.25)

WATCH: Larsson & Jennings ($360) cheaper similar on ModCloth.com ($124.99)

I guess you can say I’m addicted to shopping … I mean I love clothes and everything about them. They way they look, the way they make you feel, the textures, colors- EVERYTHING! Anyways, stay tuned for next week because I got some super trendy AND super affordable blanket scarves that I can’t wait to share with you guys!! 😀 I also got a few things from Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe online – all at great prices! 😀

Side note ➡ another fantastic movie on Netflix right now is a documentary on Yves Saint Laurent, a design who revolutionized the way women dress. Anyways, such a great movie you guys should check out!!

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent 

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