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First off just letting you guys know I’m on a shopping pursuit yet again! Not for a leather jacket this time though 😉 I’m after a picture of a dress I saw in some Charlotte Russe marking and it’s blue and beige (just like my previous blog post). Anyway, I first saw it maybe two weeks ago and, I kid you not, I have checked online every single day waiting for it to be posted! Every time I go into work I’m looking for the dress! I finally messaged CR on Instagram with a picture of the dress asking when they would post it, so I’m just waiting for a reply.. (if they ever do) I have a track Christmas/ Cross Country banquet coming up and I like to find my things beforehand so I’m not rushing last minute. If I never find it I do have a back up plan… but I’d be so heart broken. I’ll keep you guys posted on my hunt for this dress! 😉

but before Christmas there’s Thanksgiving and the very next day… Black Friday 😮 Surprisingly I’m not really after anything this year. Maybe some make up.. but that’s about it. Anyway just wanted to let you fellow shoppers know puts up retailer’s ads/deals to help you save time and money on this crazy day.

BUT HERE THEY ARE! The perfect fall scarves have arrived!! These plaid patterns are in style this fall and I’ve seen them on Pinterest and in stores. Target and Zara sell their blanket scarves for about $25 and I’ve seen some on Etsy for roughly $30-$50!! The price I paid for all four? ….  $44!!! Where at? No place other than Amazon! These scarves can be great gifts for Christmas too 😀 The outfits below are great for Thanksgiving because nothing is form fitting so you can eat all you want and no one will see your food baby! 😛

Anyway, in my sewing class I was planning on making Kevin some cute plaid pajama pants but I read the pattern incorrectly and got the wrong amount. 😦 I ended up turning them into shorts for myself and I wanted to make Dolce a sweater with the extra fabric because I thought it would be cute. I didn’t feel like putting in a lot of effort so I decided to make her a plaid blanket scarf bandanna instead! 😛 ❤ Now she can match me 😉

link to these blanket scarves on Amazon



TOP: similar Forever 21 ($17.90)

SCARFAmazon ($12.99)

This is probably one of my favorite scarfs that I had got from Amazon! The dimensions are perfect for folding them and they’re not too thick and bulky! 😀

PANTSCharlotte Russe ($29.99)

SOCKSCharlotte Russe ($8.99)

BOOTS: similar Madden Girl ($35.98) 

WATCHMarc Jacobs ($109)

IMG_8616.JPGIMG_8622 (1).JPGIMG_8628.JPGIMG_8632.JPG

SWEATER: similar Target ($14.99)

SCARFCharlotte Russe ($14.99)

PANTS: similar Charlotte Russee ($34.99)

SHOES: Chuck Taylor ($50)


SCARFAmazon ($11.98)

DRESS: similar Wet Seal ($12.99)

CARDIGAN: Charlotte Russe ($26.99)

SHOESEbay ($30.89)


DRESS: similar Charlotte Russe ($24.99)

SCARF: similar Target ($29.99)

BOOTS: similar Charlotte Russe ($45.99)

SOCKSCharlotte Russe ($8.99)

SIDE NOTE Thinking of doing a post on how to tie blanket scarves…. let me know if you’re interested!! If I don’t post within the next week I hope you guys have an amazing Thanksgiving and awesome Black Friday! 😉

I’m also in the process of adding clothes I don’t wear anymore to Ebay. Some are new or only worn a few times, so be on the lookout and I’ll let you guys know when I start posting stuff!

“Fashion is art and you are the canvas.” -Velvet Paper

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