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Well it’s defiantly been a while and A LOT has happened since then- we can catch up later on.  I did some research before I started blogging because if I was going to purchase a domain I didn’t want to spend big bucks and find out it was too much work and it all be wasted. I did read that it is time consuming but never realized how much it is! Ever since I started having my teammate, Becky, take my photos it’s harder to have a constant weekly blog when I work and we both are in school and on the track team. Needless to say, our schedules get crazy and it’s hard to meet up.

Anyway, Continuing where I last left off, I was in search of ‘the dress’. It’s probably been six months from when I first saw it and it was finally available for purchase about three month ago. So, of course, I bought it. I ordered it in a medium and it was way too small….. so that sucked but it happens to me a lot so I don’t get too butt hurt. I would have taken a picture to show you guys but it was that small I couldn’t even get it on…. so stupid short dress story is over.

Besides that, Spring semester started and I can’t wait for it to be over because I have some exciting plans for the summer. Kevin and I are planning a trip to Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. We wanted to go last summer and that never happened, but we are extremely determined to go! (Roughly around August) We both have our passports and working on saving some money to make this work. I found the place on Pinterest and, needless to say, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. “What would you do there?”, you may ask… well let me just say take a look for yourself!

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Absolutely beautiful!! So far our list consists of:


2. Canoeing

3. Enjoying the view

I’m super excited and cannot wait to go, so I will keep you guys posted on our plans 🙂 Also- if anyone has ever been there and knows of more fun things to do please let me know!! 😀


Another thing that’s only a few days away is Valentine’s Day  ❤  For those of you who are single, my one friend is celebrating Galentine’s Day (similar to Parks and Rec) but on Feb 13 she is going out with her  girlfriends to celebrate. My girlfriends and I are celebrating tomorrow and going out to dinner. Either way you’ll need an outfit. 😉 You can go casual or dress up and, as for me, I prefer the latter. Here’s a couple of outfits you can look to for inspiration. Red is always a classic but you can also opt for a soft pink. All black is also a popular look with little hints of red. Hope you enjoy! 🙂









Everything from Charlotte Russe except the Alex and Ani bracelets plus the rings. I love this look so much, the dress actually has boucle yarn on it which is what those 3-D pink fluff balls are. Decently conservative dress with the halter neck but the open back keeps it subtly sexy. Since the dress does have a halter neck I decided statement earrings would be best so that the neck isn’t overwhelming.


















These two dresses go with classic red, the lace is more mature sexy while the other red dress gives more of a fun and flirty vibe. If any of you were thinking that the lace dress looks familiar, it is actually the same one in my previous post Blue & Beige just in a different color. Once again, everything is from Charlotte Russe. (except watch and bracelets) The shoes have a gold tip on the heel- I love that subtle detail about it.








This was one of my favorites, the red heels and lip stick bring the sexy but the skirt with the t-shirt makes it more casual. Can you guess where everything is from?! You got it! Charlotte Russe… again, my wardrobe is filled with their merchandise because I work there. They should pay me a couple extra bucks for the free advertising 😛


Here’s my Valentine ❤ and his birthday is in just two days 🙂 love you


“We fall in love by chance, we stay in love by choice.” ❤


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