spring 2016

Spring semester is still going on and in my fashion classes I’ve been learning about colors- primary, complementary, triads, values, and everything else. For my textile evaluation class we do a lot of exercises involving different hues for this color notebook we have to turn in at the end of the semester. We had to get a Color Aid- which I LOVE. It’s what we use for the projects, so it’s basically all these different colors printed on cards.


I’m also in a quilting class and my professor told us the hardest part of the class would be choosing fabric because of picking colors. There is some truth to this, but I usually have a vision of how I want it to look and then I try to find fabrics that encompass this. My first quilt I hated, the colors just didn’t turn out how I expected but for your first quilt you can’t really have much expectations. My second one, that I’m currently working on, is awesome. The colors are monochromatic with a bit of grey and the style is called planned log cabin. I’m between two designs but I’m super excited and will keep you guys posted on how it turns out! 😀

This is what one block looks like. 

IMG_8512 - Edited

These are the two designs I’m debating between. I need to figure out my boarder fabric first.


New York Fashion Week happened and so did London, Paris, and Milian’s for the upcoming Fall 2016 looks. Most people probably think it’s weird that in the spring the fashion industry is presenting the fall collections and in fall/winter they present the spring/summer, but you have to be ahead of the game because these garments take a lot of time to construct. Looking back at the spring/summer collection here are this season’s color palette from Pantone.com.

Screenshot 2016-03-02 at 11.52.56 AM - Edited
Colors from left to right: Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, Serenity, Snorkel Blue, Buttercup, Limpet Shell, Lilac Grey, Fiesta, Iced Coffee, and Green Flash.

I’m stilling working in retail and looking at this palette I can see similarities in merchandise that we have at the store. The Rose Quartz is pretty similar to this past fall’s Cashmere Rose that was popular. For the spring these colors are a lot more intense but there are some dull earthy tones like Iced Coffee and Lilac Grey to help even out the palette.


iced coffeeLeft: Dolce and Gabbana are notorious for their floral designs and incorporated the colors Serenity and Buttercup into this dress. (eonline.com)

Bottom: Balmain uses the color Iced Coffee for a few of his designs. (nowfashion.com)

Most people call the Iced Coffee color taupe – I do, because who is really going to be that specific? Some of the trends from last Spring/Summer are reappearing in Charlotte Russe ie: festival looks, boho, but I also noticed we got a lot more minimal/classic items like button downs shirt/tanks. Still, all stores are basically participating in this color scheme. I saw JC Penny’s Worthington display was focused on Green Flash. I’ve seen a lot of different shades of Green Flash, which most people call khaki, army green or olive, on multiple types of apparel.

However, in my textile evaluation class, I got into this conversation with my professor about Pantone and we came to a conclusion…. We believe that the Pantone seasonal color palettes don’t really mean anything and that it’s just an excuse for clothing companies to produce more clothes following these colors and that people who care about being ‘in fashion’ will follow the scheme. It turned into a really deep conversation, but if you think about it there really isn’t a reason to have a color palette for each season other than to produce more clothes.

Since we just had the Fall/Winter collections presented I looked to see if Pantone had released the color scheme already and they had. The past fashion weeks presented designs with these following colors:

Screenshot 2016-03-09 at 8.56.23 AM - Edited
Following colors are as listed: Riverside, Airy Blue, Sharkskin, Aurora Red, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar, Lush Meadow,  Spicy Mustard, Potter’s Clay, and Bodacious. 
Balmain featuring Lush Meadow, picture from Vogue.com


As you can see these colors play off of each other each season, they change just a bit they add some new colors. The thing that’s ironic about this is that Pantone stated that they “collaborated to visualize the Color Report Colors shown during NYFW 2016.” In class I learned that these colors are picked 2 seasons out and Pantone stated that they visualized this color scheme from what they saw on the runway. When I told my teacher she said they were being naive because the colors had already been chosen from fashion forecasting. However, she did say that they could have had a palette but changed a few of the colors based on different tints and shades that were displayed. Which, I guess, does make sense but we’ll never know.


Below I featured an outfit with Quartz Rose and Iced Coffee. It was really windy out, so my hair was everywhere and I was laughing 😀 This look can be casual but, by changing your shoes and adding a nice clutch, you can easily wear it for a night out or a date.





IMG_8996 - Edited






Photos courtesy of  Becky Szabo. 


Similar Sweater (clearance $9.99)

Denim (same style just different shade, $29.99)

Similar Necklace ($16.99)

Booties Similar ($77.40)

Similar Heels ($28.99)

Clutch is Steve Madden from Buckle that is currently unavailable but this one is the best I could find ($49.99)

Spring break is next week and although I’m not traveling with the track team, I’ll be going to Niagara Falls with Kevin! (He’s been there but I haven’t) I’m super excited and can’t wait to let you guys know how it goes! 😀

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