birght whites

It has definitely been a long time since I have been on my actually site posting things, and let me tell you A LOT has happened.

Just a rundown of some major things that happened….

  • got kicked off the track team because after 4 months of practicing javelin and wasn’t perfect my coach decided that it just ‘wasn’t my thing’
  • needed a new hobby so now I started Olympic weightlifting and I signed up for my first meet August 20-21
  • instead of taking two years to graduate I’m going to try to pack 43 credit hours into one year- plus an internship
  • got a new job working at restaurant
  • left my supervisor position at Charlotte for the restaurant then realized I didn’t like my new job (but I still work there) and couldn’t get my position back
  • started working at LOFT (Ann Taylor)
  • hoping to become a sales lead at LOFT so I can narrow down my jobs to either two or one
  • applied for an internship with Ann Taylor corporate in New York for the fall

So, this is what’s currently going on.. working my life away the entire summer.

Classes start August 29th and my current schedule has fashion analysis, historic costume, strategic merchandise planning, consumer education, textiles for apparel, sales management technology, and retail promotion and advertising. Not really looking forward to it because it’ll be a lot of work but, a little excited because I’ll be so much closer to graduating. 🙂

LOFT has already started getting fall product and I’m obsessed! We still have about two months left until it starts to get chilly, but until then… summer gets super hot and a great way to stay cool is by wearing white because it reflects the sunlight. 😎



TOP : LOFT, Lou & Grey




PANTS : Charlotte Russe

WATCH : Marc Jacobs

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