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I was going through my memories on Snapchat the other day and saw a couple outfits that I’ve worn two ways. With it being winter, and Ohio weather being as bipolar as it gets, you can have a snow day on Monday, bundled up and ready for -10 degree temperatures, and by Friday wearing a skirt praying for an early spring. Us Ohioans know this all too well. Anytime I see that the temperature is going to be over 50, I know I’m wearing either a dress or skirt to the office. This past week when it was 55 my team member, Lauren, and I were on the same telepathic wave length wearing dresses and booties.

Warm to cold or dressing up versus a more casual look, here are some throwback pictures of one look two ways. 

LOVE this skirt! I was actually skeptical about buying it until I finally tried it on and fell in love. When I worked at LOFT my coworkers would say that it seemed like I never wore pants, always dresses and skirts. This is slightly true because my friend Serena said since my legs are fit I should show them off so whenever we worked together I always wore a dress or skirt for her :laugh:

Since most of these are throwback pics, I posted links to similar products if the actual item was not available.

Skirt (similar)| Top (sleeveless\similar) | Long Sleeve (similar)| Necklace (similar)

This embroidered dress is soooo adorable and just by changing your shoes you can dress it up or down. I actually let my friend borrow it to wear out to a friend’s 21st birthday. Lucky for her we are the same shoe size so she wore a pair of strappy chunky heeled sandals and cute little statement necklace. (Who says LOFT is only for older women :lol:) 

Heels (similar) | Dress (similar) | Necklace (similar) | flats (similar)

Well I guess my coworkers were right, I hardly do wear pants! My favorite color is pink and I wouldn’t say I go out of my way to purposefully buy pieces that are pink but this sweater was too hard to pass up. When I was at LOFT, as soon as I saw this skirt come out of the box I was so I love and immediately knew I would pair it with this sweater. Embroidered pieces became more popular this past year, especially in shoes, and if you know me, I love shoes. I am super picky though, but these ones from Charlotte Russe were too cute and cheap to miss out on. They’re transitional too and can be worn year round, and who doesn’t love that?

Jeans | Booties | Skirt |Sweater (similar) |

whenever I wear this statement necklace people always ask where it’s from and it’s Charlotte Russe from maybe 3 years ago that I got for $5. I can never really find anything that is quite like it, but this is the best I could currently find: Necklace

And one more jean/skirt sweater combo for you 😉

Skirt | Jeans (similar) | Sweater (similar) | Booties (similar) | Necklace (similar) | Heels (similar)

Now that I’m not at LOFT anymore, I’ll need to invest in a bigger body length mirror so I can share more selfies 😉 until next time!




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